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An estimated 30 million North Americans turn to tanning salons as a controlled alternative to outdoor tanning. As we become increasingly aware of the benefits associated with regular exposure to sunlight and of the importance of managing the risks that can be associated with sunburn and overexposure, more people are turning to indoor tanning facilities to help attain their tans in a controlled environment scientifically designed to minimize the risk… Tan UnlimitedTM has seven tanning locations in Ontario, Canada and growing. We take pride in taking care of your skin and we strive to make you feel as good as your skin looks. Today more than ever before, it is essential to adopt a responsible approach to safer tanning. Over the years we have enjoyed sharing all our knowledge of tanning with you and it is very important to us that we continue with our mission of being leaders in the tanning industry. Our trained staff are on hand at all times to give the right tanning advise to all our customers, what ever their skin type.

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